Friday, September 17, 2010

And so it begins

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while, however, I have never felt like I was a writer, and what would I write about? My corner of the world is rather small.  I mother my two children, love my husband, watch my niece and nephew when my sister in law has to work. I cook (relatively often and rather well), I clean, (not nearly often or well enough) I hoard recipes like crazy, and I write list after list (yes, I count that as a hobby).  However, as small as my corner may be compared to someone else's corner, it is mine. And it is important to me. 

It was bound to happen, this blog.  I have for months found myself composing diary-like entries in my head as I either reflected on my crazy day, or pondered an obscure wild-tangent thought.  And I seriously considered just getting a notebook and writing them down instead of typing.  There were two or more problems with that route.  I have kept diaries before and found that my handwriting distracts me.  I know that statement may seem odd, but it is true.  I end up paying more attention to my handwriting, than what my hand is actually writing.  Typing just works better for me.  No handwriting changing from the beginning of the page to the end, no unsightly crossouts and corrections to make me cringe, or ghastly mid-entry ink changes when a pen runs out, just neat and orderly letters relating my thoughts without distraction.  The other problem is pictures (and videos).  Sometimes, a picture really does just say it all. And since I never get around to actually printing out my photos, I can't very well insert them into a paper journal. 

There is also the compelling reason that blogging will allow me to share my thoughts, kitchen creations, the antics of my children and charges, and perhaps an occasional list or two, with anyone who happens to be interested.  So here is where I will document for the unsuspecting internet wanderer, the chaos that is my life.  Expect to find anything from stories of my children, to culinary mishaps, masterpieces and menus, or just the most recent of those obscure wild-tangent thoughts I mentioned before. 

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