Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Spots of Life

    Just the other night I was talking with Hey, Babe about how we have reached the sweet spot of infancy for the Storm Sprite.  I have tried to start noticing when I hit sweet spots in life.  Being able to remember the peaks in life will help get you through the valleys that inevitably occur.  The Storm Sprite is definitely in a sweet spot.

    Right now the Storm Sprite is old enough that she isn't constantly eating, and will stay either awake or asleep for larger chunks of time.  Instead of rotating between the two states every ten to fifteen minutes and peppering multiple feedings in along the way, now she will stay in one for two hours or more at a time.  She has yet to start the teething miseries that I'm sure will soon plague us all.  As of yet she has not realized her lack of mobility, and so cannot be frustrated by it.  Nor is she actually mobile, and so I know she will always be where I have left her.  Best of all, she is perfectly content to sit on your lap or lay in your arms and grin and babble endlessly.

    It is an ideal stage, and an important one.  I believe that this is a necessary step babies take in cementing our affections for them before they reach the next stage.  You parents know the one I speak of.  The one that includes wailing all day and night because of painfully swollen gum.  We are already so irrevocably in love with them because of this current stage that we are willing to soothe and comfort and care for them through the sleepless nights until they are through it.

    Babies are sneaky little boogers.

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