Monday, November 15, 2010

excerpts from Little Man

After and long and eventful day in which Little Man took two small naps instead of his normal one long nap, he was having trouble falling asleep.  Laying in bed he pulled out the standards from his delay bedtime repertoire asking for water, asking for his blankets to be fixed, etc.  None of them were getting what he wanted, namely to have Hey, Babe sit in his room while Little Man fidgeted around pretending to go to sleep.  Finally he tried another trusty tactic, calling out that he had a boo boo.  So in went Hey, Babe to verify the claim.
"What happened?"
"I have a boo boo!"
"On my head!"
"How did you get a boo boo on your head?"
"On my pillow!"
"You laid down on your pillow and it gave you a boo boo?"


It was late morning and the Storm Sprite had announced her desire to join the rest of us poor souls in the realm of the awake, so I was off to get her from the bedroom.  While I was straightening the bed and changing the Sprite's diaper, I overheard Little Man doing something in the bathroom.
"What are you doing in there, Little Man?"
"Um, it's my pants."
"What? Your pants? Are you taking off your pants?" I started to hurry.
"Umm, I think so." 

He thinks so.  Only a two year old couldn't be certain if they were taking off their own pants. Now I'm really hurrying since it seems that I have two children nude from the waist down, and one of them is unsupervised.  As soon as I have the Storm Sprite all fastened up I grab her and head for the door so I can see what troubles Little Man is getting into in the bathroom at the end of the hall.  I see his little legs hanging off the toilet with his pants around his ankles and a huge grin on his face.

He calls down the hall to me, "Mommy, I did it! I peeing! I'm so proud of me!"


Often while I am nursing the Storm Sprite or intend to start or perhaps have just finished, Little Man discusses with me the fact that she is a baby and so she nurses and that he was a baby and he nursed then.  This morning he was snuggled on my lap and his sister was still sleeping.  He turned to me saying, "Little Man's turn to nurse?"

While I'd rather he not start nursing again after having self weaned more than six months ago, I told him okay.  I was counting on having been told and read that most children when they get a new sibling are more concerned with being allowed to nurse then actually participating in the act.  So I tipped him back and prepared to let him nurse and he stopped me with a look of blatant horror and alarm saying, "No! I'm not a baby! That's for babies! It's the Storm Sprite's turn!"


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