Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Winds-Day!

Weather can be a funny thing, and is entirely undependable.  It can make or break your day, and it can make or break the event you have planned for a day.  Seeing as how the only event I had planned today was to get over a head cold, I felt certain that the weather wasn't going to impact my day at all.

I was cozy and warm inside, content that we had no where to go today and that I could stay in and avoid the damp windy weather that had moved in.  That is, until the wind picked up and started tossing our trash cans down the street.  Apparently the weather was bound and determined to get my attention.  Grumbling a bit to myself that I was going to have to run out into what was sure to be cold and blustery outdoors, I decided to forgo the jacket and just get it over with quickly.

The first surprise was apparent the moment I stepped out the door.  While it was certainly a very windy day (the garbage cans being blown down the street was the tip off for that one) it was not in the least bit chilly.  I didn't need the jacket that I thought I was sacrificing in favor of expedience. 

The second surprise wasn't evident until I turned back to the house and saw this:
A beautiful yellow rose blossoming on the poor neglected bush we inherited from our house's previous owners. 

The windy weather apparently wasn't trying to ruin my day but rather offer up a flower of friendship, the yellow rose.  (That sounds rather cheesy, but I'm going to leave it.)  I'm still a little surprised and amused to be receiving flowers from the bushes this late in the season.  Doesn't weather see the bald Sycamore tree in the background, nearly completely bereft of it's leaves?  Or the Maple Tree across the road in all it's flaming red glory?  Spring and Fall have definitely merged today, a day that I am sure Winnie the Pooh would aptly call "Windsday."

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