Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Excerpts from Little Man

In the course of one dinner, Little Man entertained us with the following:

"Little Man, don't forget to eat your noodles."
"I'm not allowed to."
"What? Of course you are.  Eat your noodles."
"No, I'm not, I have carrots."


After taking another bite of carrots Little Man bursts into tears.  I assume that he has once again bit either his tongue or cheek and so I ask him if that is what happened and if he is okay.  Through his distressed tears he manages to tell me, "No! I bit my own finger!"


Little Man has recovered from the self inflicted trauma to his finger and is now merrily eating more of his carrots when he turns to me and tells me, "I have doggies in my mouth."
Taken a little off guard I assure him that he doesn't and to finish his dinner.
"Oh, yes I do!" he contradicts, then leaning toward me with eyebrows wiggling he says conspiratorially, "and they are barking."


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