Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting a new hobby

The past several weeks have had me preoccupied with the various steps of planning and starting my first garden.  Due to the very unwelcoming weather that spring started off with, it was even more enjoyable to be a part of the sprouting, potting and transplanting process for my first time.  I have been scouring the internet for recommendations on everything garden related that I can think of, and you should see the lists!  Actually, heh, you probably shouldn't because you'd then think I'm a bit cracked.


For most of my new endeavors, the planning and research stage is the part that I get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from.  I thoroughly enjoy the lists, the search queries and the acquiring of new and obscure information.  Perhaps that is why most things that catch my interest only hold it for so long before they lose their appeal.  I am sure that Hey, Babe is hoping that my gardening interests don't dwindle too quickly, especially in light of the fact that he is going to be doing the lion's share of building the raised garden beds in the coming days.

(sprouting Marigolds)

In my bay window there are currently dozens of tender new green plants of several different varieties all in various stges of growth.  Occasionally there are casualties or catastrophes.  My tomato seeds came in two packets, each containing a mixed variety of seeds dyed various colors according to their type.  Unfortunately the colors used within each of the packets overlapped and I placed them all into the same container when trying to presprout them.  I say unfortunately because Little Man took it upon himself to shake the container, scrambling them into one mishmash of mixed colors rendering it impossible to tell the green Cherry Tomato seed from the Green Regular Tomato seed.  On top of that, in mixed seed packets you are not guaranteed anything and for two of the varieties I had used all two of the provided seeds in my sprouting attempts.  We shall see when they start bearing fruit whether I guessed correctly at which type they were.  Little Man has also uprooted more than a few seedlings in his enthusiasm for "helping" me.  Soon enough the weather will change and he will be able to help me carefully transplant them into the garden where they might have a better chance at surviving.

 (tomato seeds pre-shaking)

I am hoping that this, my first attempt at gardening, will stay a lifelong interest rather than turn into one of my more fickle ones, like the crocheted blanket I started nine years ago...and have not yet finished.  I know that part of that will be determined based on my results and so I am curiously anticipating the results of this season.  What color do you suppose my thumbs actually are?

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