Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Excerpts from Little Man

My brother Chris was was over visiting and bemoaned how early he had gotten up and how he was tired.  Upon learning that Little Man had gotten up at the same time voluntarily and moreover does so on a regular basis, he turned to Little Man sitting next to him on the couch and told him, "You have issues."
"Yeah," Little Man agreed, then glancing down at his feet continued, "two shoes."


Little Man was coming down the hall as Hey, Babe stood around the corner.  Thinking to scare Little Man, Hey, Babe quickly thrust the Storm Sprite out from around the corner in front of Little Man.  Without even a hint of a flinch Little Man greets his sister and keeps going.  Meanwhile the Storm Sprite is flailing, gasping, and blinking in surprise and alarm before she burst into tears.  Backfire.


Getting up off of the floor I tell Little Man, who is still siting with his Megablocks, "I'll be right back, I have to go turn on the oven so it can preheat for dinner."  As I head for the kitchen I notice he has jumped up and is running off in the other direction.  After quickly setting the oven temperature and cracking open the kitchen window to combat the otherwise inevitable false alarm our smoke detector gives off when I cook anything at a temover 375°F, I turn back to see what trouble he ran to cause and see that he is coming back from the bathroom. 

"Did you just go turn on the bathroom fan?" I ask him, hearing it running in the distance and knowing the answer to my question.

"Yeah, Mommy's cooking, huh?"

Apparently our super sensitive smoke detectors do not speak highly of my cooking abilities.


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