Friday, October 15, 2010

An Unfortunate Milestone

After a sleepless night spent constantly readjusting the Storm Sprite into positions that she could breathe and snot sucking her nose (oops sorry, did you come here for a recipe? guess you don't need one now!), today I'm beat.  Apparently in one of his unstoppable bursts of affection for his sister, Little Man shared his sniffles.  Lovely.

Sick kids are really one of the most pitiful things.  I'm typing with one hand so I can hold the Storm Sprite up on my shoulder because she still is still stuffed up.  Little Man is also down for his nap and I went in to check to see if he was still sleeping, he is.  The poor kid has the classic signs of sickness-- stuffily, snotty snores and drool emanating from his sleeping person (wait, you weren't still hoping for a recipe in this post, were you?).  As sick kids need their sleep, I have elected not to wake him and am resigned to the consequences this will produce at bedtime.

I was sitting here thinking about my two sick children, and how I'm not going to wake Little Man even though he is going on his third hour of his two-hour-only nap, and great how is he ever going to fall asleep tonight, and I had to stop and go back to the very beginning of that thought.  My two sick children.  Not my one sick child.  The Storm Sprite is here now too.  They have doubled and now outnumber me, and they both have cooties. I bet they are looking for another target, and good gracious I'm the only one available.  Kids will totally pass germs to the person that feeds them.  Help!

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