Thursday, October 28, 2010

excerpts from Little Man

It was time to make dinner and the Little Man was all over the place, so scooping up the Storm Sprite to take her with me I asked him to clean up his blocks before dinner.  At this age when I am asking him this it is more of a distraction tactic.  He can sometimes be really good at cleaning his toys.  Sometimes.  What I really expect, especially if I am not staying to supervise, is that he will pick up a few toys and then get distracted and start playing with them.  Most of the time the few that he picked up will end up back out.  Not a very effective way to get the room cleaned up, but it does buy me some time to go to the bathroom, change the Storm Sprite's diaper or start dinner. 

With the Storm Sprite happily observing my preparations from her bouncy chair, I proceeded to pull out the random assortment of ingredients that were going to make our dinner.  The cutting board and my big knife were sitting out, ready to be used as soon as I was done washing off the vegetables.  After I turned off the water I could overhear Little Man from the family room talking to himself. 

I poked my head around the corner to better hear him and saw that he had climbed into the Storm Sprite's exersaucer and was stuck.  Which is why he was saying, "Oh no, I can't reach it.  I can't get the blocks.  Now I stuck forever." 

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