Saturday, October 16, 2010

My love affair with an appliance

Our love affair is truly a sad tale.  And unfortunate as well.  The years we've wasted!  The dishes we could have made together!  I'm afraid this is all a bit of a muddle, I should begin at the beginning, of course.

When I was first married one of the things that I received as a gift was a food processor.  It was nice aI'm sure, but being young and naive in the ways of the kitchen I decided I had no use for it (gasp!)  The blender I had already opened had a small 2 cup food processing attachment and surely that was sufficient.  Besides, this had a gift receipt and was apparently worth quite a bit in trade towards something I hadn't gotten and thought I needed more. 

After such a fleeting meeting, I spurned the food processor and sent it on its way, ignorant of the future meals we could have prepared together.  It was too late that I learned my mistake.  Years of seeing recipes recommend the use of a food processor and knowing that I had once had one of my very own!  Years of pureeing things in batch after batch of tiny portions, of slicing and chopping and mincing by hand.  If I had only known before, but alas! I had not.

One happy day, Hey, Babe came and told me that we had points we needed to use towards items of our choosing and suggested that I browse the list to see if there were any in particular that I cared for.  I casually browsed through page after page of items, some interesting, some amusing, some ridiculous, when I spotted it.  Could it be?  Could I truly own a food processor once again?  I scanned through the pages more carefully, noticing that there was not one, but rather several to choose from!  But the points?  We had enough!  I could pick any that I wanted! 

Overwhelmed at my sudden and unexpected fortune, I was unprepared for such a choice.  I was no longer a newlywed with a kitchen of her own for the first time.  I had learned the hard way that among kitchen appliances and gadgets, one is not necessarily as good as the next.  I knew that research and reviews must be pored over, recommendations must be gathered.  So I turned to a trusted source, America's Test Kitchen.  They had yet to steer me wrong.  And they still haven't. 

Following the Test Kitchen's recommendation, I selected my food processor.  And oh, have we begun to make beautiful meals together.  Pie crusts, sauces, purees, cookie doughs, casseroles and more!  We have been reunited at last, never to be parted again.  (Just...please.  Don't tell my mixer.  Sibling rivalry, you see.  I don't love one or the other more but I know that my mixer, well, it just wouldn't understand.)

Me + KitchenAid KFP750CR 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor, Chrome = Kitchen Magic

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